Lesson 27


Focus: Finishing Supplementary Book Two

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


This week's lesson begins with the last song of week 26: a well-known waltz used to practice several arrangement techniques; you'll again play it as written and then begin focusing on a host of new chording and fill techniques. Duane starts the technique lesson by teaching you echo fillers and cascades, pausing to explain the methods behind runs and passing tones. He then moves into a more detailed discussion of open voicing and upward inversions and demonstrates the straddle-down as an interesting melody fill.


The lesson then moves into a discussion of tension and contrast. Duane explains the principles and importance of building conceptual dynamics within an arrangement and demonstrates the theory by showing techniques that can help with this concept. He also explains how to create a counter melody and runs through a number of different waltz arrangements to show the possibilities inherent in the piece.


The second and last song contained in this lesson (and the supplementary book) is the Italian folk song "Santa Lucia." You'll play the piece both hands alone and hands together, practicing broken chords, dotted eighth notes and several techniques covered in book two. Duane then moves on to create a very simple arrangement for the piece, focusing on chords in the melody and a variety of arpeggios.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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