Lesson 26


Focus: Another Arrangement Review

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 26 kicks off with song encompassing several techniques, both written and arranged, you've covered so far. It also marks the beginning of songs that are generally longer than most you've played before; this allows you to not only step up your reading ability but also gives you ample room to practice you arrangement techniques. You'll play the song as written, both hands alone and hands together, before diving into the well of arrangement possibilities. Duane explains the benefits of reading arrangements for discovering ideas and techniques to add to your playing before demonstrating a number of chording patterns possible for the piece at hand. You'll also review the crosshand chording technique and learn to play glissando fills.


The next song in this week's arrangement review is a well-known waltz used to practice several techniques learned this far. After playing through the song as written, you'll add upward inversions and octaves to the piece and experiment with a few different chording styles. Additionally, Duane introduces you to parallel sixths and shows you the methods used for adding this technique to certain arrangements.


This week ends with another well-known waltz, this time used to practice creating a bigger sound in your arrangements. Duane shows you the techniques especially deft in adding fullness to a song and reviews inversions, alternate notes and other fills.

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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