Lesson 25


Focus: New Arrangement Techniques

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Chipping away at the second supplementary book, week 25's lesson is another in the art of arrangement. You'll begin with a brief introduction to the jazz waltz by way of "Man on the Flying Trapeze," focusing on all the arrangement techniques learned so far and even learning a few new ones. Duane introduces the syncopated bass and demonstrates how to play it and what to do with the right hand to complement this sort of accompaniment. Additionally, he shows you the six-note slide-down, a fill technique also called an interval slide that adds a jazzy flair to your arsenal of arrangement possibilities.


The next song in this week's lesson is a classic winter song often among the first to be learned by those new to the piano. That sort of simplicity works well for your purposes, however; the song provides an essential review in note-reading and chording patterns as well as giving you ample room to play with your arrangement. Duane gives you a refresher course in breaking a song down by form and shows you how to turn this simple piece into something seemingly more complicated by using the fills you've just learned. He'll also focus on the styles appropriate for this song and take you through a few arrangement possibilities, allowing you to hear the piece in and out of its context. This week ends with another quick glance at chord substitutions and color tones in addition to syncopated melodies and walk-downs.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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