Lesson 20


Focus: Completing Main Book Two

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Week 20 starts with a song featuring a melody in the left hand and chords in the right; you'll quickly become acquainted with treble clef chording, its fingering and notation. The song also introduces a new notation sign, 8va, used to indicate that a note should be played an octave higher or lower than shown. After playing this song as written, Duane takes you through a brief arrangement focusing on triplets and staccato notes. You'll then move on to "My Bonnie," which introduces a new 3/4 rhythm pattern and double notes in the melody. Again, you'll work on a bit of arranging here, such as placing the melody an octave lower than written and a including a few turns, but the main focus of the arrangement is really to show the number of styles in which this one piece can be played.


You'll then be introduced to a different form of the broken A7 chord by way of another new song, one that includes key practice with octaves and their notation. Arrangement again becomes a focal point here as you learn to play parts of the bass accompaniment in octaves and brush up on the chording patterns and fill techniques learned in the previous arrangement lessons.


The lessons ends with the completion of book two and a new set of keyboard pointers. These exercises include patterns used to work out both the left and right hand, focusing on a the different fingers in different octaves. It's a fairly simple exercise, far less complex than some previously seen, but requires a great deal of dexterity to run smoothly up and down the notated scales.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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