Lesson 2


Week Two Of The Exciting ‘Crash Course’ in Piano Playing for Adults

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


     Week two starts with a basic review of the techniques learned in week one; you'll briefly cover the chords, fingerings and exercises practiced during the first week to ensure your ability to easily move forward to week two's new concepts. After warming up and solidifying your week one lesson, you'll be introduced to three new notes, widening your note knowledge to an entire eight-note octave. Duane demonstrates the new fingerings needed to accommodate this extended range and shows you the technique used to play an entire C scale with only one hand. He'll then slowly guide you through a new song that covers every note you've learned in the C scale and exercises your ability to play them with the proper fingerings; the song also allows you the opportunity to practice your left-hand chord accompaniment.

     The lesson then moves on to two new chords that supplement the three introduced last week. Again using the pointer system, you'll learn the proper fingerings for each chord and the importance of these chords to the C major scale; Duane also adds a new octave to your range and explains the value of pick-up notes. You'll begin work on two more songs in the main text (including the ever popular "Oh, Susanna") to exercise your fingering technique and chord recognition, learning to practice the left and right hand parts individually before putting the two together. Duane then takes you to the supplementary book to try your hands at "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "On Top of Old Smoky," two pieces that fully test your ability to apply the concepts taught so far.

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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