Lesson 16


Focus: C Major Scale and Keyboard Pointers

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


This week's lesson begins by looking back to the chord recognition quiz taken as last week's closing activity; Duane goes over each answer in detail, pausing to clear up any hazy concepts and further explain some chord recognition shortcuts. After comfortably understanding the quiz answers, you'll start working on the C major scale, the scale in which you've been playing all along but never completely learned about. You'll learn about the construction of major scales, including a look at the tetrachords that they consist of, and be shown how to play a C major scale with both hands. Duane then assigns a new set of keyboard pointers to practice the C major scale and its fingering.


You'll then move on to week 16's first song, which introduces a melody into the left hand. Duane takes you through both the right and left hand melodies slowly and shows you how to read and play a melody where the bass accompaniment would normally be played, stopping several times to explain the techniques required to execute this properly. Further practice with this concept and others is found in a few supplementary songs, including a different version of the previously played "Down in the Valley" that features a new waltz pattern. As you work through these songs, Duane discusses the benefits of practicing with the hands alone technique and even begins a short introduction to minor scales and their construction.


The lesson continues through another set of keyboard pointers -- this time exercising legato and staccato playing -- before ending with a close-up that focuses on the C major scale and a review of all the songs and pointers covered in this lesson.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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