Lesson 15


Focus: Chord Recognition

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes


Your week 15 lesson begins with a simple song intended to aid you in the practice of 7th minor chords, tempo reading and note recognition. As always, Duane takes you through the song note for note -- both hands alone and hands together -- before moving on to the variety of ways in which the song could be arranged. You'll apply a multitude of techniques to this song, including the recently learned open voice arpeggio and other types of bass accompaniment chording.


The lesson then moves on to a chord recognition quiz. You'll be asked to fill in the chord names on a song with no markings, testing your ability to identify chords based on their note placement. It's a type of test that frequently pops up and one worth spending some time with; the ability to recognize chords without reading the chord names drastically improves your ability to sight read and opens up a multitude of doors in your playing ability. As a supplement to this quiz, Duane will teach you to predict the chords most likely to appear in a given song, a skill also used to improve your reading ability.


This discussion of family chords guides the lesson through a further explanation of arranging, specifically how understanding intervals and their functions can make the act of arranging all the more easy. Duane takes you through some material in the supplementary book, focusing on both reading and arranging, before ending the lesson with another chord recognition quiz.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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