Lesson 13

Focus: Tempo Markings and More Arrangements

Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes



Your study of arrangement continues in week 13, beginning with a warm-up to practice minor chords and their formation. Before starting a formal arrangement lesson, Duane explains the benefits and importance of counting out loud or tapping your foot while playing; it's an essential rhythmic device used by nearly every musician. He then details and demonstrates upward inverted chording, a new arrangement technique used to add variety to the bass accompaniment. He also steps backward a bit to give a proper introduction to arrangement fillers, demonstrating (but not necessarily teaching, not yet) a few possibilities for adding that sort of non-notated flair to the melody.


After practicing a bit of arrangement, you'll take last week's 7th chords into the bass clef, learning their fingering, inversions and placement on the staff. Duane then introduces you to tempo markings. He tells you what each tempo denotes (as well as the meaning behind all those Italian phrases) and shows you how to achieve a variety of different tempos. You'll put the tempo markings into practice with a new song exercise that includes the 7th bass inversions you just learned. Duane ends the lesson by helping you to arrange this song a bit; you'll play with octaves and various other fillers, in addition to learning walk-ups and walk-downs.


Review by Mollie Wells

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Piano lessons on keyboard with music notes
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