Music Composers

Lt. John Philip Sousa-Part 1

Written by Lt. Comm. John Philip Sousa, U.S.N.R.F

The boy, who has not an inordinate desire to excel in whatever line of endeavor he may be placed, will have hard sledding as the days go on. Of course, he who is so unfortunate as to be misplaced in a trade or profession that does not meet with his sympathy is to be pitied; but if a youngster is in love with the career mapped out for him, if he lacks in ambition and makes his slogan "Manana", he cannot hope to reach an honorable height in his life's work. One of the most necessary concomitants of adaptability, talent or genius is capacity for work, hard grinding and never ending work. The milkmaid, who takes her pail and sits in the middle of the field expecting the cows to back up to be milked, is going home with an empty pail; and, so it is with the student in any profession and especially in music. As far back as I can remember I studied with these objects in view - to be a composer and a conductor. When very young I had the pleasure of hearing the Theodore Thomas Orchestra; and that gave me the first idea of what beautiful and consummate musical expression could be made from a combination of instruments. To me it was a glimpse of heaven; and, in after years some of my happiest moments were spend with Mr. Thomas in discussing his genius in interpreting the works of the great masters.

The Etude Magazine May 1921





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