Music Composers

Anton G. Rubinstein-Part 10

Among the earliest teachers in this conservatory were Leschetizky, later the well-known piano pedagogue of Vienna; Mm. Nissen-Salomon, the Swedish singer, a pupil of Manuel Garcia, and Wieniawski, who later accompanied Rubinstein to America, and whose wonderful violin-tone rang out with Rubinstein's piano-tone as though both were produce by one spirit.

In the first graduating class were Tscaikowsky, the great Russian composer, and the favorite pianist, Mm. Essipov, a pupil and later the wife of Leschetizky. The degree of Bachelor of Music was conferred upon the graduates, and the Russian musician acquired the same social position that had for a century belonged to the Russian painter.

The life of Rubinstein was truly consecrated to music, and through music to his fellow-creatures. His benefactions were enormous. He accumulated a large fortune; gave away an equally large fortune for charities and various good works. During his retirement in his beautiful villa, Peterhof, he continued to shed his light afar until his death, November 20, 1894, and its glow is not yet extinguished.

His last appearance on the concert platform, January, 1894, was in Moscow, where he had given his first child concert. As he made his final bow after the performance, the grand piano was closed and locked, and with a pathetic gesture of farewell he disappeared from view.

One of the most valuable legacies he left to musicians is the advice in regard to musical education and music schools, which is to be found in his autobiography.

The Etude Magazine December 1920





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