Music Composers

Anton G. Rubinstein-Part 6

Opinions of Others

The Russian critic, Levenstein, says that the playing of Rubinstein creates an impression not unlike that produced by some magnificent display of the elements. He considers the spontaneity of this man of genius, combined with technical methods that are entirely his own, one secret of the deep impress he leaves on his hearers.

Rubinstein's manner of playing the octave accompaniment in the Schubert-Liszt Erl-King is thus described: "He curves the middle fingers and raises the wrist, so that the fingers which play the octaves instead of falling sideways on the keys, strike with their tips as with a hammer. By this method the octaves are played with ease and freedom."

The highly regarded Hanslick says: "We always follow Rubinstein's playing with a sense of delight. His youthful, untiring vigor, his unequaled skill in bringing out the melody, his perfection of touch in the torrents of passion, as well as in the tender, long-drawn notes of pathos, his wonderful memory, and his energy that knows no fatigue - these are the qualities which amaze us in Rubinstein's playing."

The Etude Magazine December 1920





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