Music Composers

Anton G. Rubinstein-Part 4

Taking his seat at the piano, he indeed presented to my eager senses the romantic Bach. The merry children, whom I had tried so hard to make frolic through the sunlit garden of the Prelude, became at his touch pulsating, eager youngsters. The invigorating voices of the delightful group, conversing so cheerfully and politely together in the Fugue, became life-giving as a draught from the Fountain of Youth. Through a long life I have endeavored to play this composition as Rubinstein did, and although my efforts naturally have been in vain, I have had great joy in them.

Rubinstein had a large experience with life, and long before his triumphs came he had known disappointment, deprivation and even hunger. All had served to strengthen his character and enrich his genius, and because he felt deeply himself, he was able to make others feel. No Piano artist ever touched the popular heart as he touched it, and yet he never descended to the level of a crude andience, but rather lifted it to his level.

Rubinstein belonged to the class of beings whose outward appearance is a revelation of the divine fire within. You would pick him out anywhere as a personality. His lofty brow, brooding eye and majestic head, with its shaggy hair, recalled Beethoven; and yet his impressive, powerful form had that striking individuality which gave him a distinction all his own. He was indeed a superman.

The Etude Magazine December 1920





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