Music Composers

Anton G. Rubinstein-Part 1

November 28, 1829 - November 20, 1894

Best known works: Operas, Dimitri, Donskoi, Feramors, etc. Piano concerto in D Minor, and many smaller pieces including Melody in F and Kammernoi Ostrow.

The Etude Magazine November 1912

Written by Aubertine Woodward Moore (1920)

It was always a matter of interest to me that the first public concert of importance given by Anton Rubinstein took place in 1841, the year of my birth. He was twelve years old, for, according to his own statement, he was born in 1829, not in 1830, the usual date given. It was at this concert in Paris; among the celebrities present was Franz Liszt, who, folding the boy in his arms after the performance, exclaimed: "He is the heir of my playing."

The earliest teacher of young Anton was his mother, a woman of broad culture and an accomplished pianist. She started him at the piano when he was about five, and took great pains with him. A musical friend of the family, referring to the young prodigy in his eighth year, wrote; "He was a charming child, and astonished everyone with the precocity of his talent."

The Etude Magazine December 1920





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