Music Composers

Moriz Rosenthal

Ronsethal was born December 18, 1862, at Lemberg, where his father was professor at the chief academy. At eight years of age he commenced his piano studies under Galoth, who did not pay much attention to technic, but allowed his pupil the greatest freedom in sigh reading, transportation, and modulation. The method is curious, and not to be recommended, though in this case it does not seem to have been harmful. In 1872 he became a pupil of Mikuli, the editor of Chopin who trained him along more academic lines. On the advice of Joseffy, Rosenthal, still a lad, was sent to Vienna, where he became a pupil of Joseffy, who gave him a thorough grounding in the method of some Liszt and Mendelssohn. A tour Tausig. A tour through Roumania followed druing his fourteenth year. In 1878 Rosenthal became a pupil of Liszt, with whom he studied in Weimar and Rome. As Liszt's pupil he made his appearance in St. Petersburg, Paris, and elsewhere. His general education, however, was not neglected, and in 1880 Rosenthal qualified to take the philosophical course at the University of Vienna. Six years later he resumed his pianistic career, achieving brilliant success in Leipsic, and subsequently in England in 1895, and later in America, where he has always met with the greatest success. His technical accomplishments are enormous, and he possesses a remarkable touch.

The Etude Magazine August 1909





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