Music Composers

David Popper

David Popper was born June 18, 1846, at Prague, and studied music at the conservatory in that city. He studied the violoncello under Goltermann, and soon attracted attention. He made his first tour in 1863, and after charming the German musicians - especially Hans von Bulow - he extended his tour to Switzerland, Holland and England, where he was equally successful. He made his debut in Vienna in 1867, and was made solo-player at the Hofoper. After a few years, however, Popper resigned so as to continue his concert tours on a larger scale. For many years he traveled over Europe, everywhere being received with the greatest possible favor. Since 1896 he has been professor in the Conservatory at Budapesth. Many compositions for his instrument have made his name familiar to concert-goers, his best know work being the famous Sarabande and Gavotte, besides string quartets, suites, concertos, etc. He has more recently written a "monumental" Violoncello School". According the Grove, "His tone is large and full of sentiment; his execution highly finished, and his style classical." His compositions are remarkable well adapted to the instrument for which they are written and have achieved a well deserved popularity among violoncellists.

The Etude Magazine November 1912





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