Music Composers

Ludvig Van Beethoven

Beethoven was born at Bonn, December 16, 1770. His father was attached to the orchestra of The Elector of Bonn, and proved a strict, even tyrannical, teacher of his son. Beethoven soon became attached to the Elector's musical household himself, and composed much music. He was further instructed by Pfieffer, Van den Eeden, and Neefe. When on a visit to Vienna in 1787 Beethoven met Mozart, who prophesized that Beethoven would "make a noise in the world some day." IN 1792 Haydn passed through Bonn, and became acquainted with Beethoven's compositions. It was probably upon the advice of Haydn that Beethoven was sent, by the Elector, to study at Vienna under Haydn. Beethoven and Haydn, however, were not altogether in sympathy, and Beethoven took the opportunity of breaking with Haydn when the latter went to England, and studied under Albrachtsberger. Prince and Princess Lichnowski, came to his assistance when the funds from Bonn ceased, and enabled him to devote himself to composition. In 1820 a disease manifested itself which afterwards developed into total deafness, rendering him taciturn and morose. He died in Vienna, March 26, 1827. His compositions include nine symphonies for orchestra, thirty-eight piano sonatas, and much other chamber and orchestral work. He is considered, by many, to be the greatest composer who ever lived.

The Etude Magazine August 1909





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