Music Composers

Franz Lachner

Franz Lachner was born April 2, 1803, at Rain, on the Lech, in Bavaria. He was a member of a large family, many of whom attained distinction as musicians. Franz was well educated in other things besides music, but music was the study which interested him most. He went to Vienna in 1822, and studied under Stadler and Sechter, at the same time becoming very intimate with Schubert.

He became capellmeister of the Karthnerther Theatre, and held this post until 1834.

Lachner eventually left Vienna for Mannheim, and later for Munich, where in course of time he became conductor of the Court Opera. He also conducted the sacred concerts of the Court Band, and the concerts of the Musical Academy at Munich, and Musical festivals at Munich and Aiz-la-Chappelle. All this time he was a prolific composer, and produced many works of importance.

His works include eight symphonies, two oratorios, four operas, various cantatas, a requiem, orchestral suites, songs, choruses and many other works of different kinds. He was a musician of the "old school", very thorough, scholarly and apparently tireless. Had his music possessed the "divine fire" he would have been one of the greatest musicians of all time. As it is, however, he is chiefly remembered as one of those who have made clear and open the paths blazed by the pioneers of musical thought.





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