Music Composers

Johannes Brahms

Brahms was born at Hamburg, May 7, 1833, and died in Vienna, April 3, 1897.

His early musical education was cared for by Cossel, and later by Marxsen, Cossel's own teacher.

Brahms went on tour with Remenyi, the violinist, in 1853 and became acquainted with Joachim. This meeting had a great influence on Brahm's career. For a time Brahms lived with Joachim, who was much impressed with his ability. Through Joachim he became acquainted with Liszt and Schumann, both of whom regarded him, strangely enough, as a follower of the most advanced Romantic school of modern music.

For four years Brahms was concertmeister to the Prince of Lippe-Detmold (1854-1858). Apart from this he held very few official appointments, and appeared very little in public. His compositions, however, brought him into great prominence, and he found a staunch supporter in Mm. Clara Schumann, who did much to familiarize the public with his pianoforte music.

His compositions are very numerous though not very familiar to the average musician on account of their serious nature. Brahms like Bach, is a musician's musician; the beauty of his music does not lie on the surface, but it exists, and when found is abiding. The general public is more familiar with Brahms' Hungarian Dances than with his four symphonies or even his Requiem, and yet Brahms can only be classed with the very highest musical composers, and none who study his works can fail to appreciate his serious purpose, and loftiness of conception.





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