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Josef Haydn-Part 15

Bland, a London publisher, had been sent over to Vienna by Salomon (7\1787) to coax Haydn into an engagement. When he was admitted he found the composer in the act of shaving, and complaining of the bluntness of the razor. "I would give by best quartet for a good razor!" Bland immediately ran back to his lodging and returning with his own razors of good English steel, presented them to Haydn, who gave him in exchange his latest quartet still familiarly known as the Rasirmesser Quartett (Razor quartet).

Elements of Haydn's Success

The reduced circumstances of his youth which prevented him from taking lessons, which would probably have moulded his genius into narrow, restraining rules and, as often happens, dimmed his originality.

The hardships he had to suffer during the time of his artistic development which, compelling him to seek his own way without and guidance, instead of harming his career resulted in fecundating and fructifying his musical gifts.

His obsequiousness toward those who stood highest upon the social ladder, which won him their patronage, honors and wealth. Haydn was evidently satisfied that it was the duty of an artist to pay homage to the mighty of the earth.

The practical trend of his nature which, in spite of his loft ideals, did not allow him to lose sight of the fact that "the jingling of the guinea helps the hurt that honor feels."

The unselfish recognition and ungrudging praise he bestowed upon his fellow artists, which found the noblest expression in his behavior toward the transcending Mozart.

The Etude Magazine September 1920





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