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Josef Haydn-Part 8

Haydn considered himself an ugly man and felicitated himself on the fact that it must be for something deeper than beauty that so many women fell in love with him! In fact, Haydn took considerable pains to attract the fairer sex, and he was never at a loss for the suave turning of a compliment. To the day of his death he would never receive visitors unless he was fully dressed; and the arrangement of his room was so exact and methodical that the least disorder caused him much annoyance. The plan which he had laid down for himself in his eighteenth year he continued, with very little alteration, to the end of his life. It was one of incessant industry, and it might serve to prove the exception to the rule which characterized all genius as whimsical and irregular. Haydn spoke in the broad Austrian dialect, and his conversation was sprinkled with the humorous turns of expression common to the Austrian people. He spoke Italian fluently and a little French.

Haydn's Income

The salary he received was not large as we would now consider it - about $390 yearly, in addition to which he had certain allowances in kind - but it was sufficient to free him from financial worry, had it not been for the extravagance and bad management of his wife. His compositions also brought him some profits. He may have saved 200 before 1796, the year he started for London. The fact is that when he set out for the English capital he had not only to draw upon the generosity of the prince for the cost of the journey, but had to sell his home to provide for his wife until his return.

At Esterhaz, the home of the prince, he wrote nearly all his operas, most of his arias and songs, the music for the "marionette theater" (of which he was particularly fond) and the great part of his orchestral and chamber works. the operatic works were essentially pieces d' occasion and most of them have perished.

The Etude Magazine September 1920





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