Music Composers

Marie Hall

Miss Hall was born on April 8, 1884, at Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. She received her first lessons from her father, who was a harpist in the orchestra of the Carl Rosa Opera Company. She also studied with a local teacher, Hildegarde Werner. At the age of nine Emile Sauret heard her and was instrumental in having her sent to the Royal Academy of Music in London. She also received instruction from Edward Elgar in 1894, from Wilhelmj, in London, in 1896; from Max Mossel, in Birmingham, in 1898, and from Professor Kruse in 1900. In 1901, upon the advice of Kubelik, she went to Sevcik, in Prague. She possesses a most remarkable technic, which she believes is entirely due to Sevcik's wonderful teaching. She played for the first time at Prague in November, 1902; Vienna in January, 1903, and made her London debut February 16, 1903, scoring an instantaneous success in all these places. She was also successful on her visit to America. While she appears to be not very strong physically, she possesses a wonderful tone, great endurance and a very adequate technic. She has proved herself strong enough to engage upon long tours, and to perform exacting programs without fatigue. She possesses both talent and perseverance, and is easily the foremost living English woman violinist.

The Etude Magazine November 1909





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