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Edvard Grieg-Part 11

Books About Grieg

The books about Grieg are comparatively few, although there are numerous magazine articles and contributions to collective biographical works. Daniel Gregory Mason's From Grieg to Brahms, and E. Markham Lee's Grieg were the best works upon the composer until the appearance of the incomparable biography of Mr. H T Finck, the well-known American critic who knew Grieg well, and who corresponded with him frequently during the preparation of Grieg and His Music. This is one of the most interesting and instructive works of its kind, and has been used as the basis for much of the present monograph.

Grieg's Compositions

Grieg had the delightful faculty of expressing his thoughts with harmonies refreshingly new and often exceedingly original. Many of his themes have been traced indisputably to Norwegian fold music sources, but it remained for Grieg to supply the harmonic background through which these compositions might be presented to the world in all their delicious verity of Norse flavor. He expanded the resources of harmonic usage far more than those of his own time realized. Twenty-six of Grieg's opus numbers are for piano solo. Many of these opus numbers include collections of numerous short piano pieces. His best known orchestral works Before the Cloister Gate, Landsighting, and Olaf Trygvason are perhaps the most popular. Of Grieg's one hundred and twenty-five songs only a very few have become popularly known. Of these Ich Leibe Dich, The Swan Song and Solveig's Lied are the most liked. It may be noticed that here is a composer who has written no symphonies nor any operas yet one who ranks with the foremost masters. Illness prevented him from becoming a dramatic composer.

The Etude Magazine June 1913





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