Music Composers

Edvard Grieg-Part 7

When Grieg reached Rome he naturally sought out Liszt at once. The old master greeted the young composer with his usual warmth and cordiality. Grieg has some manuscript compositions with him and played them, much to the delight of the great pianist. It is interesting to note that the piano upon which this historical performance was given was of American make. For a time they played the Norwegian composer's violin Sonata, Liszt playing the solo part upon the upper octaves of the piano with what Grieg described as "an expression so beautiful, so marvelously true and singing that it made me smile inwardly." Then Liszt played for Grieg part of his symphonic poem, Tasso: Lamento e Trionfo. After this Liszt played a violin sonata of Grieg from manuscript at sight, playing both the violin and the piano parts as though it were one composition, and even broadening out the work here and there according to his own ideas.

A Famous Compositon

Ibsen, the greatest dramatic genius since Shakespeare, invited Grieg to write music for his wonderful idealistic portrait of an imaginary Norwegian character, Peer Gynt. The drama was first produced in February, 1876, and was a pronounced success. The only American performances of not were those given by the late Richard Mansfield, to whom great credit must be given for accomplishing a most intricate and praiseworthy artistic undertaking. The Grieg music, however, has become among the most popular of the world's musical classics.


The Etude Magazine June 1913





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