Music Composers

Edvard Grieg-Part 6

Northern Lights

It was to Ole Bull and Rikard Nordraak that Grieg owed his reclamation from the conventional to the highly flavored folk music of Norway. With Ole Bull he traveled over mountain after mountain becoming better and better acquainted with the music of his homeland. Nordraak, although he died before he became twenty-four, and although the greater part of his fame rests upon his association with Grieg, was a remarkable force as a patriot and as a musician. Side by side they worked to foster Norwegian music, and it was to such spirits as Nordraak that Grieg repaired when he received communications from Gade advising his (Grieg) to make his next work less Norwegian.

Grieg's Road to Success

In 1867, Grieg married Nina Hagerup, a most felicitous union. Mme. Grieg, although a cousin to her husband, was a Dane. She possessed such splendid talent as a singer that her husband was immensely helped by her loving assistance. Their only child, a daughter, died at the age of thirteen months. The Griegs lived in Christiana for eight years where Edvard was the conductor of the thriving Philharmonic Society, and where they met another remarkable Norwegian couple, the Bjornsons. By this time Grieg had produced some of his most significant works, including the remarkable Violin Sonata, Opus 8, and the Piano Sonata, Opus 7. Liszt took a great interest in the Opus 8, and wrote the twenty-five-year-old composer a letter so eulogistic that the Norwegian government granted Grieg a sufficient sum of money to enable him to visit Rome again.


The Etude Magazine June 1913





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