Music Composers

Charles Gounod-Part 14

Some of Gounod's favorite sayings include:

  • In art, mere realism is another word for slavish imitation.

  • Labor is neither cruel nor ungrateful.

  • There is no necessity that every man's cup should be the same size. The great point is that each should always be full to the brim.

  • Nowadays the artist is no longer his own master. He belongs to the world at large, he is worse than its target. He is its prey. His own personal and productive life is almost entirely absorbed, swamped, squandered, in so-called social obligations, which gradually stifle him in that network of sham and barren duties which go to make up many an existence devoid of serious object and high motive. In a word, society eats him up.

The Etude Magazine November 1912





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