Music Composers

Charles Gounod-Part 11

In his autobiography Gounod mentions many friends. Aside from those associated with him in his educational work, he speaks particularly of the French painter, Georges Ingres, director of the Munich Academy at Rome, whose art is said to hold the middle place between the classic and the modern, and in this way runs parallel to the musical art of Gounod. Gounod was also devoted to Berlioz whom he described as the greatest emotional influence of his youth. They exchanged numerous interesting letters, and Gounod in his monograph of the older French master said, "The musical works of Berloiz may earn him glory. The published letters will do more. They will earn his love, and that is the most precious of all earthly things." Gounod valued his friendship with Saint-Saens and other contemporary French musicians also very highly Mme. Viardot (Pauline Garcia) should also be mentioned as a "friend in need' since she was continually seeking to promote the youthful works of the composer.

Of Gounod's operas the most celebrated are:

  • Faust

  • Romeo and Juliet

  • Philemon et Baucis

  • The Queen of Sheba

The Etude Magazine November 1912





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