Music Composers

John Field-Part 8

Glinka a Pupil of Field

Between the years 1815 and 1819 Field gave numerous concerts in St. Petersburg, and his reputation as a piano teacher was rapidly growing. Among his pupils of this period were Glinka and Mayer - both of whom wrote effusively of their master, both as a virtuoso and a teacher. During this period he published his Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Nocturnes, as well as five Piano Concertos, an Orchestral Concerto, a Quintet, two Divertissements, a Polonaise, a Grande Valse (duet), several exercises and an Air Russe.

Early in 1822 (not 1823, as is stated in Grove) Field settled in Moscow for a time and became friendly with Hummel. He realized large sums by his concerts and had an extensive teaching connection. His death was reported on two occasions, first in 1828 and secondly in 1831. On the latter we read as follows:

The Etude Magazine August 1915





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