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John Field-Part 5

On February 7, 1799, at a performance for the benefit of Pinto the younger at the King's Theatre in the Haymarket, "Master Field played his own concerto for the grand forte piano."

It may be well to note that Field was kept for several years by Clementi as a hack for "showing" his pianos, and one can well imagine the drudgery experienced by such a rising genius, compelled to strum away daily for the delectation of would be purchasers of pianofortes. Notwithstanding this, Clementi was very proud of his pupil, who not only practiced the pianoforte assiduously, but also studied the violin with G.F. Pinto, who composed a sonata "ascribed to his friend John Field."

On February 20, 1801, Field played at one of the Oratorio Concerts at Covent Garden Theatre, and created quite a furore by the performance of his own concerto, the melody of the rondo founded on the song, "Since then I'm doomed," which he had composed before leaving Dublin in 1792, as preciously alluded to.

The firm of Clementi & Co. wrote to Pleyel, of Paris, on December 9, 1801, that they had ready for publication "some very valued manuscripts of Clementi, Dussek, Viotti, Cramer and Field," and the name ofthe last mentionied is eulogized as being "a pupil of M. Clementi, a very promising genius, and has already become a great favorite in this country both in respect to composition and performance. It is likely you will soon see him in Paris."

The Etude Magazine August 1915





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