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John Field-Part 3

Field's debut was at Signor Giordani's First Spiritual Concert at the Rotunda, Dublin, on Saturday, March 24, 1792, the two attractions being Madame Gautherot (the famous lady violinist) and Master Field. The advertisements announced Field as "a child of eight." This was merely a "pious fraud" (not yet unknown in advertising circles), as the boy was close on ten years old; but it is probably that he only looked about eight. The piece selected for his debut was "Madame Krumpholt's difficult Pedal Harp Concerto." Giordani gave his second Spiritual Concert on Wednesday, April 4, when Magame Gaugherot and Master Field were again the two "stars". Evidently Field must have proved a great success, because in the advertisements he is described as "the much admired Master Field, a youth of eight years of age." At the second concert he performed on the grand pianoforte "a new concerto composed by Signor Giordani." He again appeared at Giordani's third concert on April 14, and his playing elicited the utmost encomiums. In the following year Field took to composing, and his initial effort was an arrangement of a characteristic old Irish air, Go and Shake Yourself (subsequently published by Clementi & Co., London), the theme of which is herewith given:

Two other arrangements were made by Field, but Field's efforts in the regions of composition and his nascent powers as a pianist were lost to Dublin in the spring of 1793, when his father - owing to the impoverished condition of the Dublin Theatre Royal - accepted an orchestra engagement at Bath. Two months later the elder Field was offered a post in the Haymarket Theatre Orchestra, and in October of the same year the Field household was transferred to London.

The Etude Magazine August 1915





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