Music Composers

John Field-Part 2

A Busy Childhood

At the age of eight years John Field was a good pianist, his studies having been supervised in true Solomon-like fashion by his father and grandfather and neither of them spared the rod. Indeed, it is alleged that he ran away from home in 1790 in order to avoid the thrashings, but this lacks confirmation. One thing is certain, that at the close of the year 1790 (or early 1791) the precocious child was sent to Tommaso Giordani to receive "finishing lessons," entailing no small financial sacrifice on the Field household. During the year that Field studied with Giordani he gave evidence of becoming a virtuoso on the piano, and his master decided to give the Dublin people an opportunity of hearing the youthful prodigy at a Rotunda concert.

The Etude Magazine August 1915





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