Music Composers

Benjamin Cutter-Part 3

Such a boy need be no over-strung delicate child. History shows us quite the reverse. History shows us that these acquirements, having been won little by little, have come to him naturally and without any extraordinary effort. In his seventeenth year, or in his eighteenth, the hand of this youth is penning symphonies. Postpone the time of beginning two years or so - to eleven or twelve - and the outcome is about the same. The name of Richard Strauss, who has stirred modern music so deeply, is the name of the one who experience fits the above statement.

American Students Commence Too Late

Look about, now, in our American musical life and find, if you can, the counterpart of this. The American boy, and the American girl - for the American girl is to be reckoned with - both begin too late. And they both begin too late not because of their own fault, but because their parents, while providing for other kinds of education, have not understood what a musical education demands, and have failed to heed the signs that one of these gifted children may possibly show.

The Etude Magazine November 1912





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