Music Composers

Benjamin Cutter-Part 1

On "would be" American Composers

It was the writer's privilege some years ago to converse with a past master in the art of musical instruction as the students thronged through the corridors of a great school of music. A chance remark became, as is often the case, a germ for thought; to which this present paper owes its writing. "Who knows but some Schubert is now walking this corridor!".

This idea fastened itself then in the mind of the writer; and as the years passed by, bringing to him a close professional acquaintance with the subject itself, it possessed him more and more, and to-day it seems to him very probably that some Schubert is walking our streets, is taking part in our musical lives, and yet has not come to his rights through conditions beyond his power to control - some undiscovered genius that needed only the right impulse at the right time and in the right way to blossom out into a gift whose outgivings would gladden the hearts of future generations.

The Etude Magazine November 1912





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