Music Composers

Johannes Brahms-Part 9

Thereupon Brahms opened his cigarette case again and said with a smile of satisfaction: "Then give me back the good cigarette; for your purpose a common one of the Austrian Tabackregie will do just as well!"

Brahms never married. Although frequently on terms of intimacy with ladies, he does not appear to have got further than occasionally remarking to a friend; "Such a girl would make me happy." What he missed in this way, however, was atoned fro by his friendships, which once formed were usually made for life.

In later years he became rude and uncivil. Always a son of the people he appears never to have put himself out to be particularly courteous. He became somewhat autocratic and on certain occasions when dining out he would not sit a this appointed place, but in a place chosen by himself, or, when the meal was arranged for the dining room, he refused to dine except in the garden.

The Etude Magazine April 1921





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