Music Composers

Georges Bizet-Part 12

Beautiful thoughts, fitly expressed!

Resuming we find in Bizet's life a fervent love of art manifesting itself from earliest childhood. Severe studies completed under the leadership of great masters like Marmontel, Zimmermann, Halevy and Gounod.

His teachings could be summarized as follows:

Strive to become a great pianist and learn the true expression, the right phrasing. Hum and sing passages and melodies with deep feeling. Try to suggest on the piano, through a great variety of touches, the different instruments. Become proficient in accompanying and reading intricate orchestral scores.

Endeavor to be original, but do not become narrow minded; and have eyes and ears open to the manifestations of genius wherever they may appear.

Do not ask for the label of a composition.

Do not be discouraged by partisan criticism.

Had Bizet lived longer than only 37 years, what could we not have expected from the composer of Carmen?

The Etude Magazine July 1921





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