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Georges Bizet-Part 11

Further Galabert writes: "One knows generally Bizet only as the author of Arlesienne and Carmen; but that should not prevent us from appreciating the beauties of the "Pecheurs de peries," of the "Jolie fille de Parth," Diamileh, the dramatic overture Patrie, his songs Adieux de Photesse Arabe, Vous ne Priez Pas, Ma vie a Son Secret, his Funeral March for piano.

Bizet was an eclectic, non-secretarian, and opposed to prejudice. As critic he had not the scintillating style of Gautler or Reyer, but on the other hand he stove to be absolutely impartial and not to be influenced by friendship or enmity. "I will always ignore what kind of label is pasted on the artistic work. Respect to all, neither incensed nor insult. Is not genius a privilege of all countries, of all times? The beautiful, the true never die. A poet, a painter, a musician devotes the purest part of his soul to conceive, to create his work. He believes, he despairs, he suffers; and when, more trembling than a criminal, he tells us, "See and judge!" instead of showing sympathy for him, we ask his passport, his opinions, his relations, his antecedents. That is not criticism; that is police. The artist has no name, no nationality. He is inspired or not; he has genius or he has none. If he has, we must adopt him; if not, let us pity him and forget him. Name yourself Rossini, Gounod, Wagner, Berlioz - what do I care? Let me laugh or weep, depict me love or hatred, fanaticism or crime, charm me, stun me, transport me, and I shall not insult you, classifying, labeling you as the naturalist does with the different bugs...Let us not demand of a great artist the qualities he lacks; let us enjoy those he possesses!"

The Etude Magazine July 1921





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