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Georges Bizet-Part 9

"I would have strangled her," says Jose. He is admitted into the band of Dancaire, to which Carmen was since long time affiliated. Then begins the life of a bandit. He would like to become again an honest man and carry with him Carmen to America, but she refuses; she has enough of him; she hates him; she throws away the ring he gave her. Jose flushed with rage strikes her once, twice - he kills her.

Meilhac and Halevy, the authors of the libretto had to effect numerous changes, the most important, the introduction of the sweet Micaela who contrasts effectively with the wicked Carmen.

The score is exuberant with striking inspirations, the Habanera was written by Bizet during the rehearsals, to please Galli-Marie, who did not find the previous aria to her taste. The Seguidilla is one of the warmest pages of the score; the charming duo of Micaela and Don Jose, the chanson Boheme in the tavern, the Toreador aria, the quintet and the card scene will always be considered as gems of operatic art.

The Etude Magazine July 1921





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