Music Composers

Georges Bizet-Part 3

One day as he made him sing a lesson of solfege full of difficulty intervals, he was impressed by the exactness with which he hit the right notes. He raised his eyes and noticed that the young reader was looking away from the open book. The child, unaware of the surveillance of his teacher, continued to sing without looking at the notes. He had often heard that lesson through the door and had learned it by heart.

The father resolved to send him to the conservatory and went with him to Meifred, a member of the committee of studies.

"Your child is very young," remarked Meifred, with a look at the diminutive candidate.

"It is true," replied the father, "but, if he is small of stature he is great in knowledge."

"Ah, truly, and what can he do?"

"Strike any chord on the piano and he will name it."

The test was tried directly and the boy, with his back turned to the instrument, named all the chords he heard, which were chosen purposely in the most distant tonalities. At the same time with an astonishing easiness, he explained the different functions of the chords, without making the slightest mistake. Meifred could not restrain his admiration. "You will some day be elected as a member of the Institute," he said. And this prophecy would have been easily realized but for the early death of Bizet.

The Etude Magazine July 1921





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