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Mme. Albani

Albani was born at Chambly, near Montreal, Canada, November 1, 1850, where she received her first instruction in singing at a convent. In 1864 her family removed to Albany, N.Y., where her singing in the cathedral attracted attention. On the advice of the Catholic Bishop, her father took her to Paris, where she studied under Duprez. It was Lamperti, of Milan, however, whose instruction was of most value to her. She continued under his guidance until she made her debut in "La Sonnambula" at Messina. From thence she went to the Pergola at Florence. Her Covent Garden debut was made April 2, 1872, again in "La Sonnambula". In the same year she made a successful appearance at the Italian Opera in Paris. She then returned to Milan, and again underwent a course of training with Lamperti. Albani next went to Russia, and also to America. From 1880 to 1896, except in 1885, she sang each season at Covent Garden. Her repertoire included all the old Italian school, nor was she less successful in the works of Wagner, appearing as Elsa, Elizabeth and Eva in the Italian versions of "Lohengrin", "Tannhauser", and "Die Meistersinger". She has also appeared in oratorio at all the great English Festivals, many work shaving been specially written for her, such as Gounod's "Redemption", and Sullivan's "Golden Legend". Her voice is a rich soprano of remarkable quality, very sympathetic in character.

The Etude Magazine August 1909





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