This CD course will teach you 144 basic chords...

in ONE hour! Honest!


"Learn 144 Basic Chords In One Hour -- Honest!"

Professional piano playing


     Dear Friend:

     There are only 12 major chords, 12 minor chords, 12 augmented chords, and 12 diminished chords. That makes 48. Then each one can be turned upside down (inverted) 3 times. Three times 48 is 144.

These are the basic 12 dozen chords you need to know.

     This course will show you, in the course of one hour, how to form and play all 144 chords, and as a bonus, will also show you how you can form thousands of other chords from the basic 12 dozen. Do you think that might be of value to you as a musician?

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     Or, if you would like to SEE and HEAR all the 144 chords as I play them on the piano keyboard and show you how to form them and use them, then get BOTH the CD and the DVD combined into one fantastic course for just $97 for BOTH:




Learn 144 Chords In One Hour!





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